Trudy Jones works tirelessly to make Albuquerque a better, safer place to live and raise a family.


Since she was first elected Albuquerque City Councilor for District 8 in 2007, Trudy Jones has been tirelessly fighting to better our city. As a respected businesswoman, Jones brings decades of experience to the city council where she has successfully secured funds to build new community centers, created new jobs in support of small businesses, and recognizes the incredible value our police and fire departments have in keeping us safe.

If we want Albuquerque to continue growing in a positive direction, nothing is more important than having a voice in our city council that understands the importance of putting our city first.

Tough on Crime

Trudy Jones is a strong supporter of law enforcement. On the City Council, she supported budget measures to put 1,000 officers on the streets to help fight crime.

Improving Our Community

She secured funds to build the new community center at Holiday Park. And she successfully fought for funding to renovate and expand the Bear Canyon Senior Center and Juan Tabo Library.

Fiscally Responsible

Trudy Jones is committed to eliminating waste and abuse, while protecting basic services like police and fire protection. She opposed spending a quarter of a million dollars of city funds on immigrants who are seeking asylum—she believes those funds should be used for basic services, like fighting crime.

Job Creator

Trudy Jones knows how to create jobs. An award-winning business leader for more than 30 years, she is a strong supporter of small businesses and policies that promote economic growth and more, better-paying jobs.

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